All applicants for compliance certificate must be accompanied by the following:
  1. a copy of any planning permit relating to the proposed building work to which the  application applies;
  2. drawings showing the plan at each floor level, elevations, sections, dimensions, and the sizes and locations of structural members to a scale of not less than 1:100, together with any details that are necessary to show compliance to a scale of not less than 1:20, or to other approved scale;
  3. specifications describing materials and methods to be used/used in the construction or alteration;
  4. allotment plans to a scale of not less than 1:500 or other approved scales;
  5. a statement of the use or proposed use of all buildings shown on allotment plans;
  6. a copy of any computations or reports necessary to demonstrate that the building and building work will, if constructed/is constructed by the computations and reports, comply with the regulatory requirements;
  7. if the application is for a building permit to alter an existing building, copies of drawings and allotment plans that differentiate between the existing building and the proposed building work for which the permit or approval is sought.
Additional information may be required to accompany an application for permit or approval such as:
  1. documentary evidence to support the use of a material, form of construction or design in a form referred to in clause A2.2 of the BCA Volume One or clause 1.2.2 of the BCA Volume Two;
  2. a list of any essential safety measures to be provided in the building or place of public entertainment to which the building permit will relates; 
  3. a survey plan of existing site conditions prepared by a licensed land surveyor; and
  4. Certificate from a competent person to confirm the existing work or form of construction complies with relevant regulatory requirements.