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Perth Building surveyors perform a critical role in the implementation, monitoring and enforcement of building standards in Western Australia. We examine compliance with requirements of the National Construction Code also provides services for certificate of compliance that is required before a building permit, occupancy permit or building approval certificates. PBS is responsible for making sure that buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient therefore we have a significant impact on the design, planning and functionality of buildings. ​
Type of our certificate of compliance:
Certificate of design compliance (BA3)

A certificate of design compliance (CDC) is required in order to obtain a building permit from the permit authority to construct a building or incidental structure. 
As a registered Building Surveying Company we certify the building will comply with each applicable building standard if the building is completed in accordance with the specified plans and specifications. 


Certificate of construction compliance (BA17)

A certificate of construction compliance (CCC) is required in order to obtain an occupancy permit from the permitting authority to occupy a newly completed Class 2 to Class 9 buildings or a newly completed part of the building.
As a registered Building Surveying Company we certify the building has been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications that are specified in the applicable CDC for each applicable building permit. Also, we certify the building complies with each applicable building permit including each condition that applies to the permit and the building in its current state is otherwise suitable to be used in the way proposed in the application.

Certificate of building compliance (BA18)

A certificate of building compliance (CBC) is required in order to obtain an occupancy permit (other than an occupancy permit required for which a CCC would be required), and a building approval certificate for building without or with authorisation or a building approval certificate strata.
As a registered Building Surveyor we confirm:
  • the building or incidental structure substantially complies with the applicable building standards;
  • occupying or using the building or incidental structure in its current state in the way proposed in the application would not adversely affect the safety and health of its occupants or other users;
  • the building or incidental structure complies with each authority under a written law that is prescribed in r. 36 of the Building Regulations; and
  • where relevant, that the building or incidental structure substantially complies with the building permit, building licence or other approval that was granted in respect of the construction of the building or incidental structure.

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