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Building Surveying Services 

We assess plans and building work on different stages to ensure the design and/or buildings are complying with relevant building legislative requirements, and we issue Certificates of Compliance to be used for building permit and building approval process.

Access audits  

We may accept to check the access requirements or recommend access consultants to ensure design or building are accessible and complying with access requirements of the National Construction Code.

Drafting & Design 

We can recommend qualified designers with many years of practical experience to assist you with an innovative and functional design.

Fire Engineering 


We recommend fire engineers and experts to check your plans and your buildings to ensure compliance with fire safety requirements of the National Construction Code.  

Engineering Services

​We recommend different engineering services such as Structural, Hydraulics and Acoustic Engineering to ensure compliance with structural, health and safety requirements of the National Construction Code can be achieved.  


Perth Building Surveyors is a Western Australian company of independent Building Surveyors and construction consultants providing a prompt and quality service in building compliance matters. We're here to offer our service in all aspects of the Western Australian building legislation and the National Construction Codes (NCC).

Our team works with different occupations, service providers, suppliers and permit authorities.  The people we engage in our projects are professional and experienced and will deliver competitive, prompt and reliable service.


We make sure building design and construction meets Western Australian legislative and the performance requirements set out in the NCC.

Independent Building Inspection 

We inspect building work on different stages such as footing, framing and final to ensure buildings are substantially complying with approved plans and standards.

Pre Purchase Inspection 

We provide independent and objective advice based on AS4349.1-2007 to support the purchase of residential property by knowledge of the physical state and enable informed decisions.

Planning & Development Services

We recomend planning consultants to discuss the relevant planning policies against your proposal and provide pre Development Approval advice.

Land Surveying Services

We recommend qualified Land Surveyors to take responsibility for site set out, subdivision and build strata for existing and future building works.  

Energy Efficiency Assessment

We recommend energy assessors to ensure compliance with energy efficiency requirements of the National Construction Code can be achieved.  


After many years of experience in development services and local governments, we know how to help you with your Building Permit and Approval processes.


We are professionally trained to understand the building control process. We follow a construction project through to completion. We're authorised to assess design and building compliance, without any limitation. We ensure buildings are safe, accessible and energy efficient.

We play a critical role in implementing, enforcing and monitoring the prescribed building standards by conducting inspections and issuing required certifications for building permits and approvals.


News & Publications



Victorian builders banned from appointing Building Surveyors

This article aimed at tackling dodgy builders and poor workmanship.




Victorian building surveyors guilty over more than 700 misconduct claims

It comes amid concerns that there is an inherent conflict of interest in requiring private building surveyors to assess building work while the builder also employs them.



Disciplinary action for Lacrosse tower Building Surveyor

The building surveyor who signed off on the Docklands tower ravaged by a fierce cladding fire is facing disciplinary action after a lengthy investigation by the state's building regulator.



Disability Access Provisions and the Premises Standards - Advisory Note

Building Commission released this advisory note to introduce new disability access provisions, based on access to Premises Standards _ Buildings.





General Inspection report No1

This report is to the Building Commissioner on the first comprehensive inspection by building commission of how building standards are being applied in Western Australia under relevant legislation requirements and haw well sheet metal clad timber framed roofs are being constructed in WA.



Mandatory inspections should occur for all classes of buildings 


WALGA supports inspections being undertaken within the building construction process to ensure that consumers are getting a quality product.



IB 051/2014


Building permit requirements for solar panels - Industry Bulletin

Building Commission released this industry bulletin to provide general guidance about building permit requirements under the Building Act & Building Regulations in relation to the installation of solar panels in Western Australia.


July 14, 2018 - Paul Mulholland

Court rules that owners corps must not discriminate

The recent Supreme Court of Victoria ruling makes clear that Victorian owners corporations are required to make reasonable adjustments for both tenants and visitors who have a disability.


Heading 1

April 27 2017 - Property Council of Australia

Introduction of full private certification for building permits - a key reform

The property council of Australia introduced full private certification for building permit applications to apply to Class 2 - 9 commercial buildings.


October 29 2018 - Building Surveying Reform 

Improving the effectiveness of the of compliance and enforcement systems for the building and construction industry across Australia.


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